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The response to our green paper, and its thirty consultation questions, has been significant. We have received more than 540 submissions and we have gathered further valuable insights individuals and organisations through public polling and focus groups.

Our new report outlines the findings of this consultation and their implications for social care. It also sets out our fourteen recommendations to the Government.

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Adult social care matters

Escalating funding pressures and increasing demand are threatening services that improve lives and communities. We cannot go on like this.

It is time to confront the hard choices and be honest about the options. This is our chance to put adult social care right at the very heart of the Government’s thinking.

The consultation ran until 26 September. The views submitted will help build a vision for adult social care that supports people, communities, hospitals and our economy for decades to come.

Views from the sector

“We expect to see a fair and well-funded social care sector to enable older and disabled people to live the lives they choose. It is unfair that successive governments have continued to delay decisions about social care reforms.

The lives we want to lead from the Local Government Association is a very welcome initiative. Where central government stalls, local government is helping to keep adult social care firmly on the agenda. We all need to engage with the questions in this report, raise the debate and fill the void left by central government’s lack of policy progress.”

Dr Rhidian Hughes, Chief Executive, Voluntary Organisations Disability Group and Chair, Care Provider Alliance

Who was the green paper aimed at?

The green paper was aimed at Local and national politicians, Professionals and the public.

Ultimately that means all of us as we cannot move forward without knowing our level of ambition and what we are willing to pay to achieve it.

What is the future of adult social care?

We’re all likely to be touched by social care at some point in our lives, but our current system is at a breaking point. We want to start a national debate on how to best fund adult social care. Have your say on the #futureofASC