Why are we undertaking a consultation?

Adult social care and support matters. It provides personal and practical support to help people live the lives they want to lead. It supports people of all ages who have disabilities, mental health conditions or are generally frail, as well as their carers.

It helps bind our communities, it sustains our NHS and it provides essential economic value to our country. But adult social care is facing a crisis. It has been underfunded for many years and is facing a funding gap of £3.56 billion by 2024/25. The longer-term remains just as insecure. Governments across the political spectrum have attempted to tackle the issue but none have succeeded.

It is time to come together as a society and be positive and inspiring, making the case that investment in social care and support for people who need it helps them to reach their, and in turn our country’s, full potential. It is time to articulate the problems honestly, present clear options, and make the necessary decisions required to move the debate along.

Why are your views important?

We’re all likely to be touched by social care at some point in our lives, whether that be ourselves or our friends and families. It’s therefore essential that everyone has a say in what the future of social care should look like and how we should pay for it.

We want to start a truly nationwide debate about how best to fund the care we want in all our communities for adults of all ages – and how social care, the NHS and other public services can work together to support and improve people’s wellbeing.

We will reflect on the key messages from our consultation in a further publication later in the autumn. This is our chance to put social care right at the very heart of the Government’s thinking.

3. Decision-making on social care

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4. Funding for adult social care

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5. What are the options for change?

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6. How should we pay for these changes?

All of the options will cost a significant amount of money – even maintaining the current system will cost more than is currently available due to increasing demand and inflation….